About Us

Two of the biggest loves of my life are soccer and my 9 year old son Marley and I’m so grateful that he enjoys the beautiful game as much as I do. For the last few seasons Ive had the honour of being his teams coach at the Mullumbimby Stingrays and one of the best traditions of youth soccer is the after-season party.

As I looked around for soccer themed gifts to provide everyone, I found myself looking for Wooden Letters that would spell each child’s name. My thinking was that if each child got a soccer-themed name that could go on their wall or door, they’d always remember their season together as the Mullumbimby Stingrays. What I discovered was that my idea didn’t exist – at least not in the way I’d envisioned it.

The entrepreneurial spirit within me started humming at that moment and with my 25 year background in wooden toy design and manufacturing, I felt like this idea could become something that would grow beyond my sons U9s soccer team. After much research, long hours of work and dare I say a tidy investment on machinery I finished and tested the products Id created for the boys. Im happy to say they LOVED the end-of-season gift and their reactions inspired me to create and design another 16 additional sports themes for children (and adults) who enjoy individual or team-based activities

Initially Id planned to launch these products and open the new business in early 2020 but my plans were interrupted by the Covid Crisis and I decided to put the launch on hold. Undeterred and finding myself with lots of time on my hands I dreamt up the idea of the Hero Range of Wooden Letters which I hope in some small way will tickle kids imaginations and inspire their dreams of what they could be when they get to be BIG people.

What Is WOW Wooden Letters?

WOW Wooden Letters is the original and only with a totally new personalised concept that features unique designs to spell out names and words on doors, walls and toyboxes etc. Made up of 3 unique Collections you can select something for the younger kids with themes adopted  from my original business Artiwood Letters or from the new Wow ranges choose a sports-themed design, or embrace the superhero within thanks to our Heroes’ Collection that features real-life people in careers that help people each day.

Designed, developed and manufactured 100% in Australia. All products made from Eco Ply with timbers grown on sustainable and renewable Australian plantations (FSC Certified) and printed with eco inks (Greenguard Certified) which make all our products perfect for indoor use and in kids bedrooms etc. Designs from our Sports and Hero Collections let you personalise the wooden letters with your kids face / head image and select your team colours or create your own on many of the sports themed wooden letters.

Skin tone colours on illustrations always adjusted to suit face colours images. Approximate Dimensions of Letters – H 10cm x W 8cm x Thickness 0.7cm.

Our Guarantee to You

WOW Wooden Letters guarantees that the illustrations on each letter are unique. No two letters in any order will be the same unless this outcome is a special request. For example if you have a soccer player at home, a six-letter name might have the character kicking, dribbling, shooting, hitting an overhead volley, heading the ball, and making a save. We want you to have the most variety possible while still embracing the specific loves your child has for their favourite sport, science, or activity.

Whether you are shopping for nursery décor, a baby shower gift, or something special for a new child’s room, our family business is ready to help you create the results you want to achieve. Wow Wooden Letters make fantastic fun gifts for both Young and Old. From Byron Bay here in Australia to your home, we hope that you enjoy life every day. If our product can bring a smile to the face of your little one, we’ve reached our goal. 

Founder, Owner, Designer

Hello! My name is John, and I’m the founder of WOW Wooden Letters. With over 25 years of wooden toymaking experience, the products offered through my business come with the love of my family to yours.

We call Byron Bay home, and it is a privilege to living in this beautiful part of the world. You can find us taking a walk, swimming, kayaking, or standup Paddleboarding on any given day. My son and I share a passion for soccer, so you’ll find us on the pitch with the Mullumbimby Stingrays here in Australia.

I take great pride in offering an outstanding and unique product. If you’re ever dissatisfied with the experience you have with WOW Wooden Letters, I want to know. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience so that we can make things right.
Life is about the little moments we share with our family and friends. When your little ones see their name spelt out with WOW Wooden letters, it will put a smile on their face! Let us create that memory together through a design your child will love.

Thanks for your time and very best wishes to all

John Daniels